We created The Neta Shop to create a space to share a new side of our creative social justice work that isn't always at the forefront of our work at Neta Collab, and to build a community of like-minded advocates who want to support justice causes through their clothing and their dollars. The Neta Shop is a special space for us to share our voices, creativity, and purpose–as a company and with our community.  

The Neta Shop is a shop for everyone: for the systemic disruptors, the rebels, the luchadores, the poderosas, the empaths, the creatives, the organizers, the activists, and whoever else is on board. 

- Ambar Januel Lopez, Neta CEO + Founder 


The Neta Shop is powered by Neta Collab, a digital advocacy and marketing firm focused on social justice.

Meet the team behind the shop.